Celine Dion New Jersey NJ Tour 2021 & Tickets

Celine Dion tour dates in New Jersey for 2020 year

Tour Dates: February 22 & March 7-8, 2020

Celine Dion New Jersey NJ Tickets and Tour Dates. Buy Celine Dion concert tickets: Courage Tour in New Jersey. Show calendar & schedule.

After living and dancing for years in Las Vegas, French superstar Celine Dion returned home to New Jersey NJ to begin her first world tour. At age 51, the Grammy winner Celine Dion announced New Jersey NJ tour the release of a new album entitled "Courage", which will be her twelfth in English and will be released on November 15th. The first single "Flying On My Own", with its powerful vocals supported by techno beats, has already received the air show, while three others fell on Wednesday: "Courage", "Lying Down" and "Imperfections". Known for her successful ballads, Dion said in April that she was motivated to create new music and travel after the death of her husband and director, Rene Angelil, in 2016.